Green tea ice cream

Green tea ice cream with ginger syrup.


Cheesecake in tempura

Traditional cheesecake weathered with red fruit sauce.


Chocolate truffle

With mixed fruits and lychees sauce.


Ice cream tempura

Vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry, chocolate or caramel sauce.


Banana spring roll

Banana roll-ups with cream cheese and cinnamon, served with raspberry-mango sauce.



Tapioca in tres leches served with yogurt ice cream with raspberry and raspberry sauce.






















Artisan ice cream

Tangerine, red fruits, lemon with basil, litchi, yogurt with raspberry, chocolate and vanilla.



Coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream and delicious coffee liqueur sauce.



Ice cream covered in velvety sweet rice paste. Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Green Tea.












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