Chef's specials


Chirashi sushi

Select combination of fresh fish on a bed of rice.


Okinawa Tuna

Seared tuna with sesame crust, pepper and coriander seed, mounted on a mirror of sesame sauce.


Suzuki Bass

Sea bass flavored with spices served with gohan rice, vegetables, tempura spinach and mango pico.


Natsu Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp in plum sauce, a sour touch and accompanied by broccoli.


Sweet and sour salmon

Seared fresh salmon bathed in sweet and sour sauce, garnished with sake-sautéed vegetables and steamed rice.


Tori teriyaki

Grilled chicken breast medallions with teriyaki sauce and steamed rice.


Whole crab claws



Rice bowl, fried wonton, edamame, cucumber, jicama, and avocado.


Tampico and seaweed

Tampico sauce and Chuka Sarada (seaweed salad)


Fresh tuna

Fresh tuna, sweet and sour sauce, chipotle and mango pieces.


Fresh salmon

Fresh salmon, spicy sauce with mango pieces.


Spicy seared tuna

Seared tuna with mango pieces and spicy rayu sauce.


Spicy seared salmon

Fresh salmon sealed with mango pieces and spicy sauce.


Tampico shrimp

Shrimp with mango pieces and tampico sauce.


Teriyaki Bowls

Rice bowl, fried wontons, edamame, mushrooms, avocado, red onion, broccoli and Teriyaki sauce.



Caramelized chicken breast in Teriyaki sauce


Rib eye

Caramelized rib eye in teriyaki sauce



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